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We want you to know that WE ARE PROUD OF YOU for making the choice to improve you and your child’s future.  We know that this is not an easy decision at times, but the benefits will be so worth it.  Your life is valuable, and we desire to care for you in the best way possible.  Welcome into our home! We are excited about getting to know you and helping you reach your goals for life.



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What Is Required Of Me While At The Inn?

While at The Inn, each resident participates in a program called PIESS that includes 5 areas of their holistic development.  PIESS stands for Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Social, and Spiritual.  You will also be required to go to church and participate in group discussions.  All of this is provided to help you develop a healthy lifestyle so you can reach your personal goals.  Maintaining a clean and sober lifestyle is also required for you to remain at The Inn.

Who Will I Live With?

You will live with at least one house parent, who has their own separate living space apart from yours.  The Inn can house up to 4 residents at one time, so you may be living with other residents who are pregnant as well.  Throughout the week you will also get to meet various volunteers and staff.

How Long Can I Stay at The Inn?

The length of stay is individualized.  You can stay up to 6 months post- partum, but the goal is to allow you to live independently after The Inn.

Where Will I Sleep?

Each bedroom at The Inn is remodeled.  There is a bedroom with two beds and a shared hall bathroom, another bedroom that has a single bed with an attached bathroom, and a nursery suite for post-partum.  Rooms will be assigned based on resident needs.

How Do Meals Work?

The Inn provides family-style meals where residents and staff will prepare and eat meals together in the kitchen and dining room.  Grocery shopping will also be done family-style once a week.  We do accommodate for allergies.

How Will I Get to My Appointments?

All transportation needs will be provided by The Inn.  We value your schedule and your appointments, and want to help care best for you and your pregnancy.




Confidential Care.